What Should I Report For My Accounting?

This is a very important topic! It is a recurring doubt in the daily routine in the client-accountant relationship. Some accounting information already has. Some examples are: monthly revenue, when billing is for services and with electronic invoice , taxes, payroll and charges. For other information, customer collaboration is essential. But then, after all, what do I have to report to my accounting every month?

The accounting record must take place in a timely manner, that is, be up to date. Therefore, it is vitally important that, monthly, you report all transactions, financial or otherwise, that took place on behalf of the company.

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The customer must deliver to his accountant the monthly bank statement, all proofs (invoice, receipt, invoice, proof of payment) of monthly expenses that occurred on behalf of the company and other documents that you believe are necessary, such as a rental contract , buying and selling goods, among others.

Another Examples:

  • Bank statement of checking account and financial application.
  • Identification of receipts of issued invoices (the entry of funds at the bank refers to NF No. X). As well as discounts granted or interest charged.
  • Telephone, electricity, internet, water bills.
  • Invoice or tax coupon for expenses with office supplies, graphics and the like.
  • Service provider contracts and invoices (of any nature) taken by the company.
  • Health care bill.
  • Proof of payment of payroll (salaries and charges – INSS, FGTS, IR) – valid only for cases that have pro-labore and/or employees. In case the payroll is not processed by accounting, you will need to attach all monthly payroll reports.
  • Company expenses paid by partners or employees. In this case, it is necessary to indicate the paying source.

Important Notes:

    • The content and veracity of the information provided are not the responsibility of accounting. As well as non-delivery or delivery after the deadline required to comply with existing legal obligations.
    • The mandatory accounting bookkeeping is provided for by the Federal Accounting Council.

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