How Do I Know When To Change My Accountant?

Are you satisfied with the services your accountant offers? Good accounting and financial management is essential for the proper functioning of a company. It is important to always assess whether your accountant has been meeting your needs well or has made many mistakes. In some cases, it is worth considering changing counters. But how to choose a new professional or a new service? What would be the relevant reasons for you to make this decision? Read our post and ask your questions about this subject!

Does He Have The Technical Knowledge To Assist You?

Tax and fiscal legislation is constantly updated. Therefore, the accountant needs to have the adequate knowledge to meet all the legal and accounting demands that the company presents. One of the roles of the accounting professional is to break down the accounting-financial part of the organization. In this way, it facilitates the understanding of their financial health for the manager and seeking more fiscal intelligence. If the accountant you hire to take care of your business accounting is not well-attuned to accounting methods and tools, you could be fined, make bad decisions, and miss out on interesting market opportunities.

Is He Always Available?

Availability is one of the most important characteristics that the accountant must have for your company. It is common for several doubts to arise with the opening of a business in the market or with changes in scenarios, investments, tax framework and risk analysis. The help of this professional is essential for the manager to have the correct information to make the right decisions. If the accountant does not return your phone calls, takes many days to respond to emails, and makes communication difficult, it might be a good idea to seek help from a new accountant.

Does It Help In The Strategic Formation Of The Company?

The idea is that the accountant is more than a simple service provider. The aim is for him to act almost like a business partner. He must be a consultant who directly collaborates for the company to achieve success within its operating segment. It might be more interesting to look for an accountant who has experience within his/her activity, with specialization in this area, if the current accountant does not demonstrate the capacity to develop a fiscal-accounting strategic plan suitable for his/her context.

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